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Sound Barriers


 We put our all efforts to make our homes protected and safe from intruders, burglars and hostile interruption. This ultimate security is ensured by latest, contemporary and state of the art security systems which can offer a protected atmosphere for us and our family. Top Security Doors, keeping in view your security needs, presents up to the mark range of security sound barriers with the aim to limit the intruders time to a matter of seconds unless the police arrives.

  World class sound security systems are supplied with:

  • Easy connection and integration to any alarm system and muscular capability to secure large areas.
  • Robust and durable security sound with outer covering of steel and aluminum and featured with sabotage protection.
  • Sound security systems are provided with GSM alarm transmitter for immediate communication and IR motion detector for ensuring full security.
  • Easy to install sound barriers that can be connected with any alarm system and complement security doors, sash windows and panic rooms security systems.
  • The mobile and wireless security sound systems successfully prohibit intruders by generation of unbearable patterns, track monitoring and intensity noise.
  • Complete sound security solutions with easy plug and play alarms that allow perfect sound security for high secured areas, protected zones, corporate and offices.
  • Overwhelming prolonged outdoor sound blast is a characteristic feature of sound security products which are not only water resistant but also can successfully be installed to protect outdoor areas and can easily be placed with security doors, sash windows and panic rooms.
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