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With changing living needs and demands, our life styles are also changing and our requirement of safety is also changing. Though, to protect our valuables and belongings, banks exist but when in sudden need, we go for the things which are available at home. Therefore, efficient safes and safe doors must be present to keep our valuables protected from intruders, burglars, robbery and fire.

You can keep your stuff secure and protected with all sizes cash and fire rating safe cabinets by Top Security Doors that are available in range of sizes and distinguishing features that comprise of:

 High quality product with guaranteed strength available in extensive range with particular focus on customer’s satisfaction.

  • Safety cabinets are available in wooden paneling with double bit key and electronic combination lock to keep valuables, documents and weapons.
  • Fire proof and cash rated safes work best in compliance with security doors, security sash windows and panic rooms making the chances of intrusion or robbery minimum.
  • Certified fire proof cabinets are available for documents and papers allowing maximum protection of your important credentials.
  • Transportable fire proof cabinets and cash rated safes that allow the fire safety up to 60 minutes.
  • Gaskets are installed that protect and insulate from smoke, gas and water.
  • Cylinder locks are integrated for easy transportation.
  • High fire protection is provided with additional internal boxes made up of melamine panels and protection against magnetic and electrostatic phenomena.
  • Special jerk proof doors resists any attempt to dismantle and make this product an exclusive option to keep your valuables protected.
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