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Living a safe life and feeling the sense of security is the fundamental right of everyone. As the uncertainty rise with each day, security has become a major concern, where we step in.

Based in London, we make bespoke, any shape and design, high security doors. We specialize in designing, building and manufacturing of the finest quality security windows, armored steel doors, electronic products related to security and garage doors. To ensure maximum safety and protection, Top Security Doors specialise in building and installing panic rooms.

We use the highest quality of material, which is tested and approved for the manufacturing of our signature high security doors, our doors contain sophisticated manufacturing and computer designed techniques which contain finger print scanners along with the motorized locks.

Our years of experience enable us to deal with any type of situations, and offer efficient and effective solution which incline with the needs of our customers. Due to our quality services, our clientele includes a number of celebrities, politicians and famous people as loyal customers.

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When what you want to make your house is impenetrable, a fortress, which is impossible to break in, try our DIAMOND collection of bullet proof doors. Top Security Doors have series DIAMOND which is the highest possible security level for residential houses, banks, embassies & business.

For our top demand clients we would like to guarantee 100% protection with ballistic level bullet proof doors (resistant to AK47 automatic Kalashnikov). DIAMOND bullet proof doors is the upgraded version we offer on PLATINUM top security doors.

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If you are looking for a solution that is reliable and can ensure privacy from the public, then our garage doors should make improving security easier than with any other traditional garage doors. Intruders find it extremely easy to break into your house with the help of your garage door, which is a big security concern if not properly secured. Keeping your security in mind, Top Security Doors manufacture and design one of the most secure and powerful garage doors in the industry.

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A protected room which is called the safe or a panic room is a sustained room installed in a house or building to give a protected haven, or concealing spot, for the people living in the house in case of a break in, home intrusion, tornado, dread assault, or other danger. With the thread of security eminent, Top Security Doors facilitate you with the design, construction and installation of the safest and most technologically advanced panic rooms.

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Security fog machines for maximum home protection with the ability to fill 300 meters squared in just 15 seconds.

Sound barriers disorientate intruders with a mind bending security sounder that intruders will never see coming. Stroboscope LED lights at precisely 12 blinding flashes per second with the ability to create chaos in the mind of the intruder, even in broad day light. They won’t have time to rifle through your possessions, whilst they’re experiencing living hell through your security system.

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Top Security Doors install Schüco and SMART systems that are leading suppliers of high-quality window, door and façade systems made from aluminium, PVC-U and steel. Millions of Schüco and SMART systems products are used all over the world and meet the highest requirements of design, comfort, security and energy efficiency. Leading suppliers of aluminium glazing systems and bespoke aluminium extrusions, building a reputation both for the quality of products and for product innovation, design and technical expertise.

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