RC3 – Security Doors London

Security doors London

Security doors London is our standard RC3 model which offer many security features explained below.

Front doors offer the main entrance into the London houses, which is why they are the favourite spot of burglars to intrude into the house. Made from galvanised steel which is one of the toughest materials, these doors protects you from intruders, as a set always contains stainless steel door frame and steel leaf which are both cladded with engineered wooden panels to achieve any design or colour you might want to have. 

The doors are produced using the most astounding quality of material called the RUUKKI steel and the latest technology engineered wood EDM that has 50 years of life span.

Having in mind standard door weight starts from 100kg plus steel frame weight you can imagine the quality of this product. However don’t be concerned that it might feel to heavy, adjustable Italian hinges with bearings makes it as easy to open as wooden doors.

Security doors London is not something you might need to be afraid of – it’s something you must have to protect your world!


Fire proof – The doors are fire resistant for up to 30 min (* available upgrade)

Thermal insulation – They offer an impeccable thermal transmittance, a U esteem is 1.5 W/(m2K) 

Durable – Tested for toughness by opening and shutting the entryways for 200 000 circumstances and after this was totally in place

10 years warranty – Each door accompanies a standard 10-year guarantee for the construction of metal, however they are manufactured to stand for several decades

Minimum or no maintenance – They require very low or no maintenance. Security doors London are very simple to deal with, simply use wet clothe to wipe dirt away. 

Multi-point locking system – Has numerous security components, for example, multipoint locking system and also a security grade 6 FIAM 678 lock which is encased special manganese anti – drill plate. It locks with 1 bolt upwards, 1 bolt downwards, 4 bolts to the main locking side and has 4 fixed hinge bolts on the off chance that intruders would attempt to cut the genuine heavy duty hinges. Escutcheon has additional security from drilling with the help of unique spinner.


Unforgeable keys – The security doors London (RC3) come with a lock that is security grade 6 and Yale type of cylinder. These kind of keys can’t be replicated without secret code or picked using standard lock picking tools.

Secure frame screws – The bolts of the frame are secured with unique steel liners in the event that somebody would attempt to cut it from the brick wall. It also offers better alignment for supporting the door frame.

Secure construction – Having 100 mm steel outline and 75 mm door leaf thickness these entryways can simple withstand hard hit of bike or motorcycle. Stainless steel outline has 6 bending edges and is typically stronger than a square casing. That is the reason it’s less demanding to infill it with a rock wool, silicon and other hermetic materials.


Presently ANY SHAPE – The construction of high security doors permits it to be connected with side panels, be designed as a double leaf door, have a top fanlight or to be an archway door. High security doors can also be manufactured as a the exact REPLICA high security door for grade 1, 2 listed buildings or conservation areas.

Certified by highest British and European standards – Certified as RC3 by independent laboratory along with five other tests – sound, thermal insulation, wind, hinge opening and closing cycles, fire and 

Professionally installed by our skilled engineers – perfect installation is as important as the construction and quality of the security doors. This is why we have our own installation team who challenged to install hundreds of doors around UK. 

Once these security doors are professionally installed, they will give a maximum strength of security and offer replaceable parts in case of any burglary.