High Security Garage Doors in UK

Intruders find it extremely easy to break into your house with the help of your garage door, which is a big security concern if not properly secured. Keeping your security in mind, we manufacture and design one of the most secure and powerful high security garage doors in the industry. Deigned according to the latest standards and using professionally engineered technology, our garage doors offer the maximum resistance against a burglar attack. We offer you with the following garage doors types:

  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Side sliding Doors
  • Side hinged Doors
  • Industrial Doors

Our Sectional High Security Garage Doors are one of our main highlights as we are specialized in sectional door manufacturing and have been doing it for more than twenty years. The product range we have developed is up to the latest standards and are diverse. From solid design, materials, insulation and hardware to fast delivery and reliable service. The company works in accordance to EN ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Products are tested to meet CE requirements. For contemporary and vivid look you can choose stainless steel windows which are bullet proof and appliqués. We use bullet proof glass to ensure your safety. Custom designs available.

Our Side Sliding High Security Garage doors are compatible with all standard garage door operators. They give you the comfort of handling your door with remote handset. You can open and close door safely without leaving your car or bike. Premium” lock for manually operated doors Easy to use, robust and safe.

Our Side Hinged High Security Doors are the perfect solution to keep you, your family, and your valued possessions safe and secure. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand for this style of garage door over the past few years, so if you’re looking for high security garage door specialists In London, look no further. Our side hinged garage doors offer effortless operation, easy access, minimal maintenance and aesthetic style as standard.

Additionally, we also offer you with the Industrial door TLP. The Panels surface have standard ‘Stucco’ pattern. Double-Skinned 40 mm thick PU insulated panels which provide good thermal insulation.