High Security Doors in UK

When it comes to supreme quality design and material that offers protection against the “High risk” of attack, nothing beats our professionally engineered high security doors.

Our high security doors which are termed upgraded resistant class 3 or equal WK3 are made with the toughest material- stainless steel of which door’s frame, leaf and threshold are made. These doors are British produced using the most astounding quality RUUKKI stainless steel, with latest engineered wood EDM that has 60-year of life expectancy and very sturdy hinges. In the event that you would require glass inside the door leaf or in the side/top constructions – no issue. We utilize only the security covered triple or twofold coated, criminal proof verified P6B glass guaranteed by EN 356 standard.

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Crowbar resistant – high security doors has been designed to withstand standard tools used for breaking in including 700 mm metal crowbar. The door frame has uncommon steel boxes which in the event of assault (utilization of crowbar) would crush and make a dead lock impossible for the bugler to break.

Frame which is installed with 20 bolts – 100 mm thickness stainless steel frame is installed to the dividers with a minimum of 20 bolts that are secured with exceptional steel liners and spares screws from being sliced through the wall and the support for the door frame for better alignment.

PETTITI adjustable hinges – With PETTTITI simple flexible hinges you can now conform the tallness of the door leaf and put any sort of mat you like underneath the door leaf. Likewise it has unique steel hinges covers that comes polished bronze, stainless steel and metal hues.

Presently ANY SHAPE – Compared with security doors London, the construction of high security doors permits it to be associated with side panels, be designed as twofold leaf door (double leaf security door), have a top fanlight or to be an archway door. High security doors can also be used as a correct high security REPLICA door for review 1 and 2 recorded structures or preservation regions.

Fireproof – The doors are designed so that they are fireproof for up to 30 min but can be upgraded up to 45 min.

Thermally insulated – Has a flawless warm transmittance, a U esteem is 1.5 W/(m2K).

Sound insulated – Tested for 43 dB sound protection and are impeccable to be the security front doors for noisy streets.

Durable – Tested for strength by opening and shutting the entryways for 200 000 circumstances and after this was totally in place.

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10-year warranty – High security doors accompanies a standard 10-year guarantee for metal development and 5-year for wooden boards and locks.

No maintenance – the high security doors requires minimum or no maintenance and is simple to deal with.

Multi point locking system – has a ton of security components incorporating multipoint locking system with security grade 7 lock that is encased in a unique steel box in addition to manganese plate which saves the lock from penetrating or cutting. It locks with 1 bolt upwards, 1 bolt downwards, 4 bolts to the main locking side and has 5 fixed hinges bolts in the event that burglars would attempt to cut the genuine heavy duty PETTITI hinges. Escutcheon has additional security from drilling which is an uncommon spinner and magnetical device.

Unforgeable keys – The lock has security review 7 magnetic cylinder which means that these keys essentially can’t be replicated without the security code, drilled, or picked with decoder.

Secure frame screws – The edge bolts are secured with exceptional steel sleeves (liners) on the off chance that somebody would attempt to cut it from the brick wall.

Protected construction – Having 100 mm steel outline and 75 mm door leaf thickness these high security doors can simple withstand hard hit of an auto. Stainless steel outline has 6 twisting edges and in this way is more grounded contrasted and a typical square edge. That is the reason it’s likewise simpler to infill it with a stone wool, silicone, expanding froth and other hermetic materials.

Any shape, design and measurements – Can be made of any shape, design, shading and estimations.

Ensured and tested for highest standards – Tested for significantly more then what requires to qualify as an WK3. High security doors was guaranteed as a crowbar, fire, intruder safe door.

High security doors can save you and your loved ones time in case of emergency or a burglar attack.