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About Our Side Hinged Doors


Our side hinged doors are the perfect solution to keep you, your family, and your hard earned possessions safe. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand for this style of garage door over the past few years, so if you’re looking for high security garage door specialists In London, look no further. Our side hinged garage doors offer effortless operation, easy access, minimal maintenance and aesthetic style as standard.

So just how secure are side hinged doors? The security on side hinged garage doors is unparalleled. Which makes them the perfect choice for customers who can’t afford to settle for second best. The construction behind these doors offers a far more robust locking mechanism compared to traditional side hinged doors. They boast excessive strength in the sub frame, we can also provide double skinned steel doors with rebated edges, up to a 9 point locking system and unrivalled resistance.

Our products are built for durability, not only will they stand the test of time but they will prove to be a necessary investment in your home by increasing security and insulation. Whatever your design requirements, we’re able to bring your vision to live with our bespoke services.

We offer a made to measure service, whether you own a listed building, period property, or luxury complex we’ll go above and beyond customer requirements.  Invest in the best with Top Security Doors and see why our customers can afford to sleep well at night.

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