Radio frequency & signal jammers


It’s 2020 now.  Methods, devices and tools used by burglars are much more powerful then in any age before. They do long plannings to complete their attacks or burglaries and use tools commonly used in special forces or military. Signal jammers, thermovisors (to see in which room people are and if they not sleep yet), radio frequency devices. One of new methods is usage of powerful, small size, full diapason signal jammer which victims can leave with no possible connection at all. However our security company can also use these devices to do a full property check and make sure you are absolutely ready if they come with this method. Secondly we also offer radio frequency scans and sell these devices so you could not only check property where you live but use it while traveling and staying in hotels, visiting friends or family. Devices Top Security Doors using are also used in military these times.

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