Security is our fundamental right and all of us have the basic insight and desire to make our homes safe and protected from intruders, burglars and hostility. Therefore, we look for world class security equipments that allow successful safety of our homes and corporate. Meeting up your security demands and realizing your investment, Top Security Doors offer security strobes that cause inability to intruder, thus protecting your house and valuables until the police reaches to spot.

Light barriers are marked with excellent features to protect you from any serious criminal activities and significantly increase the safety of your private areas giving you a peaceful and secure environment to live.


Security strobes (light barriers) are endowed with some distinguishing features including:

LEDs are the next generation security strobes that allow irregular 7-12 flashes/second.

  • Security strobes are capable of producing blinding and intense irregular flashlights that deprive the burglars and thieves to see anything.
  • Irregular patented flash patterns are particularly endowed to cause shock and disorientation.
  • Effective security device with characteristic feature of standing alone to make your premises safe from intrusions.
  • Security strobes give manifold security effects when they are coupled with fog security machines, security doors, security sash windows and panic rooms.
  • Equally effective when this strobe security device is combined with sound barriers.
  • Quality stroboscopes LEDs are perfect security instruments to protect embassies, stores, offices, homes, corporate and private domains.
  • Affordable and easily integrated security strobes are essential and particularly designed and are available in very competitive prices.
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