Perimeter Protection

All of us have developed a particular wish of living in a safe and comfortable place, to work in a sound and secure environment and particularly to business within controlled and monitored places where we have installed state of the art and latest security systems which effectively keep us protected from intrusions.

security device

Top Security Doors proffer perimeter protection to ensure maximum safety of your places including exclusive features of:

  • Perimeter defense is the first line of protection with fences that stop intrusion by means of climbing over or destroying them.
  • High performance outdoor perimeter security systems with multi-threshold operation algorithms provide high resistance to outdoor disturbances.
  • Effective perimeter defense with microwave bistatic, monostatic and wire-wave detectors with adjustable speeds of the movement of offender in detection zone.
  • Detectors work on the principle of electromagnetic waves generation between transmitter and receiver area that forms a detection zone.
  • Whenever any intruder tries to cross the perimeter, is detected by detection zone because of the volumetric detection in the form of stretched ellipsoid of rotation which registers the changes in the field.
  • Excellent sensors can be used to protect perimeters of warehouses, airports, private houses, offices, mining operations and many more.
  • Distinguished features make these perimeter protection devices an excellent choice for protecting hangars, roofs of buildings, steel barrages, wooden or brick houses, barb wire barriers, metal grates and trees growing close to the perimeter.

Perimeter defense successfully works in compliance with security doors, sash windows and particularly panic rooms.