Impenetrable Highest Security Doors

When the security risk is very high and you want something that will shield you from the attempt of burglars to break into your house, try the highest security doors. Quiet evident from its name, Premium HIGHEST SECURITY DOORS offers the highest level of security due to its professionally engineered design and structure which makes it practically impossible to penetrate.

Our most astounding best security doors or comparable RC4 (Resistant class 4) are the total gathered stainless steel entryway outline, entryway leaf and limit. These highest security doors are produced using the most noteworthy quality electrifies RUUKKI stainless steel, freshest innovation engineered wood EDM that has 50 years of life expectancy and heavy duty PETTITI adjustable hinges. In the event that you would require glass inside the entryway leaf or side/top constructions – no issue. We utilize just security covered triple glazed and single coated, robber verification P8B glass confirmed by EN 356 standard.

Impenetrable Best Security Doors


120 MINUTES FIRE RESISTANT UPGRADE – This door can be upgraded to withstand fire for up to 2 hours (* available upgrade)

RESISTANT TO POWERED TOOLS – Precious stone most elevated security entryways was precisely anticipated to withstand heavy duty instruments including controlled saw, penetrate and pound

CROWBAR RESISTANT – Premium security door has been built to withstand heavy duty instruments used for breaking in including 700 mm metal crowbar. Door frame has uncommon steel box which if there should arise an occurrence of assault (utilization of crowbar) would crush and make a halt

FRAME INSTALLED WITH 24 BOLTS – 115 mm thickness stainless steel edge is introduced to the wall with a base 20 fasteners that are secured with special steel liners and spare screws from being sliced through the wall ad support door frame for better arrangement and two screws into the floor. Includes 4 concealed screws. 

PETTITI ADJUSTABLE HINGES – with PETTTITI simple flexible hinges you can now conform the tallness of the door leaf and put any kind of mat underneath the door leaf. All RC4 doors comes with 4 hinge per single door leaf as a standard.

Stainless steel hinge caps –It additionally has exceptional steel hinges covers that comes in bronze or stainless steel even for internal use doors as additional protection for hinges

NOW ANY SHAPE – Contrasted to security doors London, highest security doors manufacturing permits it to be associated with side/top constructions, be built as twofold leaf door (double leaf door), have a top fanlight or to be a passage door

FIRE RESISTANT – The highest security doors are fireproof for up to 30 min. It can likewise be updated up to 60 min or 120 min fire rating (* available upgrade)

THERMALLY INSULATED – Has a flawless warm transmittance, a U esteem is 1.5 W/(m2K)

SOUND INSULATED – Tried for 45 dB sound protection and are flawless to be the security front entryways for boisterous lanes

TESTED FOR DURABILITY – Tried for sturdiness by opening and shutting the entryways for 200 000 circumstances and after this was totally in place

10-YEAR WARRANTY – Entryways accompanies a standard 10-year guarantee for metal construction

NO MAINTENANCE – minimum of no maintenance required, easy to deal with.

Multi-point locking system – Has numerous security components, for example, multipoint locking system and also the highest security grade 7 MOTTURA 8th series lock with a deadplate which is encased special manganese anti – drill plate. It locks with 1 bolt upwards, 1 bolt downwards, 8 bolts to the main locking side (1 separate extra lock and key compared to our RC3 PLUS version) and has 10 fixed hinge bolts (6 extra compared to our RC3 PLUS version) on the hinge side of the door, eliminating any chance that intruders would attempt to cut the genuine heavy duty hinges plus steel hinge caps. Escutcheon has additional security from drilling with the help of unique spinner. It also comes with a magnetic lock from outside which if required can block keyhole from inserting a key decoder or any type of lock picking tool. This eliminates any chance of possible silent door attack. In conclusion our RC4 is recommended if you expect someone very skilled breaking through your front door as it offers not only impenetrable physical security but is also combined with a top of the range security devices which eliminates any possible chance of opening such doors silently and quickly. 

UNFORGEABLE KEYS – the LOCK has security grade 7 magnetic cylinder MulTlock INTERACTIVE, TLO (Temporary Lock out) or the one discretely agreed with the client for maximum protection which keys are difficult to duplicate. Escutcheon has additional insurance from penetrating – uncommon spinner, magnetic device and one lock with no keyhole from outside (no possible way of opening door from outside if it’s locked from inside at all).

PROTECTED FRAME SCREWS -The edge bolts are secured with extraordinary steel sleeves on the off chance that somebody would attempt to cut it from the brick wall.

PATENTED CONSTRUCTION – Having 120 mm steel outline and almost 100 mm door leaf thickness these security doors can simple withstand hard hit of an SUV. Stainless steel outline has 8 twisting edges and in this way is more grounded contrasted and whatever other British made security door outline. That is the reason it’s likewise simpler to infill it with a stone fleece, silicone, growing froth and other hermetic materials.

ANY SHAPE, DESIGN and MEASUREMENTS – these highest security doors can be any shape, outline, shading and estimations.

CERTIFIED and TESTED FOR HIGHEST STANDARDS -Tried for considerably more than should have been granted as RC4 according to EN 1627.

Highest security doors are the best security doors money could buy to protect you and your loved ones from an intruders attack.