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Folding Doors


Designed to offer a simple and stable solution to making your property

safe and secure, SCHUECO doors are an absolute must.If you are looking for folding doors that do a job of offering precise protection as well as that classical, regal look to get you into the building, then these are the perfect doors to go for.

We sell these bi-folding doors because they offer such incredible quality. The design element that underpins the creation of all SCHUECO doors is something that we pride ourselves in offering to clients. These doors tend to be use as full-length glass walls that act as the perfect kind of sliding door to make your property look grander than ever before.

It uses thermally insulated SCHUECO ASS 70.FD Aluminium bi-folding door materials. This means that your doors are designed to deliver an easy way to retain both a fantastic opening look to the property as well as provide a high-end finish.

Quality and consistency when it comes to using doors is vital, and our bi-folding doors offer a consistent option. For a reliable solution for safety and privacy, our folding doors are just what you have been looking for.

We fit these bi-folding doors all across London and beyond, offering a service which allows for simple to work with fold doors. These can be used to deliver a solution that slides whatever direction that you need, allowing for the most silent of opening and closing ventures.

Designed for silence as well as style, these use high-quality carriers to ensure your doors shut silently, blocking outside interference.

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