Interesting Facts About The Doors

Door Security Levels

Across the world, doors are divided into 13 – door security levels. It’s worth remembering that 6 – 7 security level doors are being built specifically for bank repositories. How about the 13th class doors, though? If anyone succeeds in overcoming them, they will be capable of entering Fort Nox and its gold storage, which contains all of the United States gold reserves!

Needless to say, the safety features are impressive – the 5000-volt power supply is plugged in to ensure constant uptime, and the door thickness is as thick as 1 meter – and it weighs 20 tons! The door is made from 7 steel layers, which are reinforced with special technology to help ensure it’s as strong as is possible.

ancient bank security doors

The Most Unbelievable Door In The World – 1 Meter Of Pure Protection

The name of the most unusual door in the world is Tanaka. Tanaka, though, is unlike any other door that you have likely used: you can go through it as though it’s a ghost!

The door is made up of a wide range of vertically-placed tables, each with a connected sensor, so they “scan” the human image and turn it into an unobstructed entry to another room. These doors use powerful infrared sensors, with a person-shaped ‘hole’ in the door appearing to let you through without any difficulty.

The heaviest door in the world

Of course, not all doors are made equal – did you know that the heaviest door in the world weighs 321.4 tons?

They are installed at the Loursen Laboratory in the United States. The thickness of this door is 2.43 meters. It’s hard to believe, but the special technology allows them to open with just a click on the handle like a normal door. Despite all of that weight and strength, you can open this with the same simplicity as you would any other hull-sized door!

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The World’s Most Beautiful Door

In terms of aesthetic beauty, though, there can only be one winner. This is St. John the Baptist’s Gate, found in Florence. As doors, they are so delicately and beautifully decorated that the great Michelangelo called them “The Gates of Paradise.” The gates, commissioned by the Merchants Guild, in 1425, were designed by architects Andrew Pizzano and Giberti.

If you are a fan of classic architecture and constructions, you’ll immediately be quite enamoured by these stunning constructions.

The Quickest Closing Door

Sometimes, we need to get a door closed quickly – and sometimes closed in a fraction of a second. Well, experts have already achieved that. With the fastest doors in the world, it takes only 0.03 seconds to close these doors and are intended for use in laboratories using fast-explosive materials. They work in the same way as the train door, so it’s a very conventional piece of technology transformed accordingly.

futuristic security doors
ancient doors

Fear of the door – The Most Frightening Door

Most of all, you can be frightened by the doors of St. Michael’s Cathedral in Slovenia, which were made in 1996. It is interesting that they created the Pope John Paul II’s visit, and the door carvings aim to reflect the most important events of the century.

It’s a stunning door, and one that you would find pretty hard not to be amazed by. While it might be nothing too grand in terms of a technological standpoint, from an artistic point of view you would do well to find something more impressive.

The Safest Door

It is believed that the safest doors in the world are used in Colombia, and are designed for drug cartel bosses. Some interesting facts: they are bullet – proof, and there are as many as 10 locks installed. Also, they are reinforced by using a special device which takes blood and checks it. To ensure security, too, the guest is photographed, and his photo sent by email to the owner of the property.

Of course, they are resistant to explosions or natural disasters. It’s quite alarming, though, that some of the most dangerous people in society might be the safest!


The Largest Door

For pure size alone, there is only one winner. They are owned by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). There are even four 139 meters high doors in their ownership. Compare that to the height of the Statue of Liberty – its height is “just” 93 meters. It gives you an idea of the exceptional size and scale of these doors!