How to choose security front doors?

How to choose security front doors?

Purchasing a suitable high – security front door is quite a task for people who have little or no knowledge about security doors. Such people should only worry about the choices of colors, designs and available security upgrades. The actual task of choosing the best security door for your house should be left to professionals of the relating field. For instance, when you buy a car, all you do is choose from the car color, body design or the interior. The actual job of selecting the most suitable vehicle in the given price range is done by some car pro. Well, this article is going to help you select the best security doors for your house.

If you haven’t been recommended to any security doors company then the foremost thing to be done is to google some suitable reachable security door installers to help you out. One can also or visit a few biggest home interior exhibitions including Grand design London, IFSEC, home building and renovation fit show etc to gather information about the prices and hence the best security door for your house. If you are looking for security doors in London you shouldn’t be worried about the distance of the stores as there are numerous stores to rely upon. For example, central London could give you a better product, service or price as compared to another shop that is located only a few houses away from your place. Your purchase also depends on who you are and what you are looking for. From our experience we can show a few types of clients:

(1) Architects/designers/contractors – They are looking for the best possible customer service and the highest quality products that are delivered on time and manufactured according to the best designs and fulfills all the project requirements – concealed door closures, bespoke design, fire ratings, EU or UK certifications and others.

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(2) Security advisors – They are looking for the best security product.

(3) Locksmiths – Locksmiths looks for the best quality products as they work with locks and keys have a wide knowledge about good and bad quality products.

(4) Residential house / flat owners – Theses owners look for the design that appeals them, security level, price and a quick manufacturing and delivery time.

Unfortunately, the reality is that all constructions go longer than expected unless you visit the real professionals of the relating field. If you leave this work to the security doors professionals you can trust them easily for the smooth processing of your new high-security front door. The process of contacting the professionals to the final delivery hours should go like this:

(1) Contacting security doors company you like and leaving the desired details with them.

(2) Once the security or sales representative contact you, you have a few options –provide details about your project, get a quotation by email, arrange site survey or visit the factory/showroom. If you decide to provide details about your current front doors please provide precise details (approximate measurements in width and height) and attach a picture from inside and outside. Alternatively, experienced door suppliers will calculate rough measurements from the pictures. The second thing you would need to provide is the design you wish to have after the installation – helpful would be a self-made drawing, a picture from the internet or a detailed description. Providing more accurate details would be of more help – mention the glass type (security laminated, triple glazed burglar proof P6B glass by EN 356 standard) if you wish to have it on your security door.

(3) Once you have the quotation you need to be sure of if you like the product and are happy with the service security company provides (warranty and price) etc. If you decide on showing that you actually are a serious buyer, you need to make a 50% down payment to the manufacturer before the working is started. The working involves– sending engineers for exact measurements and site survey, preparation of the drawings, sending order form and drawings for your confirmation. This is the time where you need to take the final decision about all details on the door that can’t be changed once the manufacturing is started. Carefully check if the lever handles, knobs, spy holes, keyholes, letter boxes are in the right heights and places where you wanted them to be. After confirming of the drawings and the order form you take full responsibility that all your choices are correct and manufacturing should get started. Experienced companies salesmen who have a lot of experience in security doors handling and manufacturing can easily guide you in every possible manner. Otherwise, if you choose the wrong company you may end up having your lever handle near your knees, spyhole above your head, doors opening to the wrong side, wrong colors and many other things that you never desired in the front security door of your house. Many companies do not use fair marketing tools and ultimately wastes the client’s money as the money never gets refunded according to the company’s policies. Remember if someone offers you a better price, it may be true that he is compromising on the quality. Thus it is highly recommended to be wise in choosing the right company and the best professionals to help you out in designing of the security doors.

(4) Once the security doors are manufactured you are welcomed to visit the factory and inspect the door design and interior. If you chose the correct experienced company for your security door manufacturing you won’t be disappointed to see the final design and quality of the product. However, even if you have selected the best manufacturer, always ensure that the final product is perfect in all regards before making your final payment. After the dues are cleared and the final payment made you are only a few steps away from your security door installation.

(5) Finally, on the day of installation, highly professional engineers come in the morning between 9 and 11 am. Installation for a single door takes approximately 4 hours including architraves cut on site to hide metal construction. The installation also includes the teaching of the client on how to use the keys and door efficiently. If the property is only refurbished it is recommended that the engineers take some extra care while installation to prevent any other damage. Installation of the door in the middle of construction is not a good idea as the product could get damaged and require more time in the manufacturing and installation. It’s better to keep the high-security doors somewhere safe until the construction is finished.

This was all about the manufacturing and installation of high-security front doors. Our company has more than 6 years experience in selling high-security doors to London residents, grade listed 1, 2 buildings and other conserved areas. We would be pleased to help and guide you in any regard relating to security doors. Feel free to contact us.