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Safe Rooms

A protected room which is called the safe or a safe room is a sustained room installed in a house or building to give a protected haven, or concealing spot, for the people living in the house in case of a break in, home intrusion, tornado, dread assault, or other danger. Safe rooms are generally made with material and shape which is strong enough to resist against any kind of calamity and dangerous situation.

They are also equipped with communication media so that outside world can be communicated and rescued. With the thread of security eminent, we facilitate you with the design, construction and installation of the safest and most technologically advanced panic rooms.  We can offer you two types of safe rooms:

Physical attack resistant safe rooms- this room is designed to withstand heavy duty tools and is recommended to be installed in every kind of house flat or business place. They protect you against low to middle level of threat and prevent you against all the harm. Best fits with the highest security doors.

Bullet resistant safe rooms- this room is installed and projected for people that can’t take risk and won’t have second chance. It offers the maximum level of protection against the highest level of threat. Safe rooms can be projected from FB2 up to FB7 ballistic level with self – healing system. Bullet proof safe rooms best fits with the highest security doors. These are usually used in the embassies or homes of celebrities, football players, politicians and other famous people.

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